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statistics on music and language learning

Deezer & learning languages with songs

I have partnered with Deezer's streaming music service for their Music and Language campaign. We did a research survey with 12,000 participants in 6 countries...

My new book in Italian: La lingua è musica

I just published La lingua è musica, the ebook version of my book on learning languages using music, TV, radio, etc, in Italian. Free during...
books in laptop screen

Free ebooks until May 31, 2020

  Bored at home under lockdown and looking to learn a language? Download the ebook versions of Language is Music for free in English, Spanish...

Singing to the subjunctive

Studying grammar is a good way to get one’s mind off of the Covid-19 pandemic. Susanna, do you seriously have nothing better to do? There are...
Susanna Zaraysky in scrubs in front of painting of the brain

Is a polyglot’s brain different?

Listen to this new Subtitle podcast episode "Is a polyglot's brain different?",  to find out the answer. You'll also learn about my language-learning story and...
Susanna travel stories

The taste of an extinct country

Which foods have evoked visceral reactions that link you to your past? In French writer Marcel Proust’s seminal novel, In Search Of Lost Time, he...
learning a foreign languagevideo

Farenheit 451 (remake): no more multilingualism

As a bibliophile and great admirer of the dystopian novel Farenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury and the original 1966 film adaptation, I was surprised...
Turkish festival

Multilingual ≠ not a racist or a terrorist

I'd like to think that those who are multilingual are less likely to become racists and revert to deadly extremism because communicating with people...

When being multilingual is a burden

What you’re about to read may seem counter-intuitive.  Sometimes, being able to speak more than one language can be more of a burden than a...

Hiding behind a multilingual mask

Being surrounded by various languages at the UN and then being forced to speak Portuguese, I had to think about what to do with...

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