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"New Life" Russian translation of Orhan Pamuk's "Yeni Hayat"

Mixed accent and voices in my head

At the risk of sounding like I am crazy, I hear multilingual voices in my head. To learn native pronunciation, I first hear a native...

Language gaps: Lived vs. learned languages

There's a big difference between a learned and a lived language. It took a carrot to make that difference abundantly clear to me. In California,...
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Free ebooks in July!

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Sostiene Pereira

Portuguese via Spanish, Italian & a little French: different roads to a mellifluous tongue

The strange thing with the Portuguese language is I don't remember why I wanted to learn it, yet I can speak it. The Spanish language and Italian literature and film have been major influences in my learning the Portuguese language and becoming interested in Portugal.

Le mistral gagnant: Rediscovering my inner Francophile in India and Quebec

  One missing digit    One missing digit (not a finger!) almost kept me from going to India. En route to Chennai (Madras), I had a rude...

As problemas da visão binocular

É muito pouco conhecido que existe uma parcela significativa da população que não enxerga com os dois olhos ou que tem problemas ao usar os dois olhos juntos.
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Проблемы с бинокулярным зрением

Значительное количество людей или не может видеть обоими глазами, или испытывает трудности при одновременном использовании обоих глаз, но этот вопрос слабо изучен.
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Problèmes de la vision binoculaire

Il est très mal connu qu’une partie très importante de la population ne voit pas avec les deux yeux ou qui a du mal à utiliser les deux yeux en même temps.
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Problemas de la visión binocular

Se sabe muy poco que hay una porción significativa de la población que no ve con ambos ojos o que tiene problemas para usar ambos ojos juntos.
binocular vision problems

Binocular vision problems explained in six languages

I have recently released a series of videos in English, Spanish, Russian, French, Portuguese, and Italian about a topic that is not only dear to my heart, but one of importance to global public health: binocular vision problems (what it's like to see when the two eyes don't work together.). As there is a very little information available in languages other than English about this topic, I decided to record videos in six languages. Medical information needs to be accessible to people worldwide, no matter their language.

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