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Can a language save your life?

Yes it can, even an ancient one from the 15th century.

Saved by Language tells the story of Moris Albahari, a Sephardic Jew from Sarajevo (born 1930), who spoke Ladino/Judeo-Spanish, his mother tongue, to survive the Holocaust.

Moris used Ladino to communicate with an Italian Colonel who helped him escape to a Partizan refuge after he ran away from the train taking Yugoslavian Jews to Nazi death camps. By speaking in Ladino to a Spanish-speaking US pilot in 1944 he was able to survive and lead the pilot, along with his American and British colleagues, to a safe Partizan airport.

Directed and Produced by: Susanna Zaraysky and Bryan Kirschen

Editor: Željko Svetinović

Titles in other languages:

“Salvado por el idioma” (Spanish)

“Salvado por la lingua” (Ladino)

“Salvo pela Língua” (Portuguese)

“Оцелял заради езика” (Bulgarian)

“Spasio ga jezik” (Bosnian)

“Sauvé par la langue” (French)

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