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Проблемы с бинокулярным зрением

Значительное количество людей или не может видеть обоими глазами, или испытывает трудности при одновременном использовании обоих глаз, но этот вопрос слабо изучен.
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Problèmes de la vision binoculaire

Il est très mal connu qu’une partie très importante de la population ne voit pas avec les deux yeux ou qui a du mal à utiliser les deux yeux en même temps.
travel stories

Problemas de la visión binocular

Se sabe muy poco que hay una porción significativa de la población que no ve con ambos ojos o que tiene problemas para usar ambos ojos juntos.
binocular vision problems

Binocular vision problems explained in six languages

I have recently released a series of videos in English, Spanish, Russian, French, Portuguese, and Italian about a topic that is not only dear to my heart, but one of importance to global public health: binocular vision problems (what it's like to see when the two eyes don't work together.). As there is a very little information available in languages other than English about this topic, I decided to record videos in six languages. Medical information needs to be accessible to people worldwide, no matter their language.

I problemi della visione binoculare

Sono davvero in pochi a sapere che una parte considerevole della popolazione non vede con due occhi o ha problemi ad utilizzare entrambi gli occhi.

Seeing in 2D in the 3D world

People take their senses for granted unless one of them – like Susanna Zaraysky’s sight – doesn’t work normally.
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CBS television interview about my new book, “One-Eyed Princess”

In this CBS television interview in San Francisco, I speak about "One-Eyed Princess” my new book about vision therapy, being cross-eyed and what is like to see in 2D in a 3D world. I was born cross-eyed, and even after two operations to cosmetically straighten my eyes, my eyes are not straight. As a result, my brain doesn't fuse the images from both eyes to create a 3D image. I don't see in 3D. I see flat.

Watch “Saved by Language” and other Judeo-Spanish documentaries for free!

The producers of the documentary Saved by Language are organizing a Judeo-Spanish Language Week online festival. Four recent films and one new audio project about the endangered language of Judeo-Spanish (Ladino) will be available for free from February 21 to February 26 at: http://muestroespanyol.com/.

Healing with words: tribute to Dr. Oliver Sacks

Dr. Sacks, you will be missed by millions around the world, but never forgotten, because of how you changed our lives.
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FREE: San Francisco & Berkeley presentations and screenings of “Saved by Language”

FREE: San Francisco & Berkeley presentations and screenings of "Saved by Language"

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