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What is it like to live in a 3D world with 2D vision?

What is it like rewire one’s brain to see in depth and improve one’s visual acuity as an adult?

Find out in One-Eyed Princess, Susanna’s new medical autobiography!

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I surprised some people I know in the San Francisco Bay Area on Tuesday, when my voice and story came to them during their morning commutes on KQED radio, an NPR affiliate radio station in San Francisco. I was speaking about giving voice to my invisible visual disability, binocular vision therapy and learning as an adult, that I didn’t see in 3D. Doctors had left me uninformed about not seeing in depth.

Don’t assume doctors will tell you the whole truth about your medical condition. Find out from other people with the same malady or disability how they live. You’ll be surprised to learn what they have to say!

Listen to or read the audio essay at this link:

Seeing 2D in the 3D World

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In this CBS television interview in San Francisco, I speak about “One-Eyed Princess,” my new book about vision therapy, being cross-eyed and what is like to see in 2D in a 3D world.

I was born with strabismus (crossed-eyes), and even after two operations to cosmetically straighten my eyes, they are not straight. As a result, my brain doesn’t fuse the images from both eyes to create a 3D image. I don’t see in 3D. I see flat. Over the last six and a half years, I have been doing vision therapy to rewire my brain to see in more depth.

Watch this video to learn more: