Going Kyrgyz in a Kyrgyz dance costume at a costume ball in Alameda, California.



Wearing the Kyrgyz kaplak hat. The Kalpak is a hat usually made from four panels of white felt with traditional patterns stitched into them as decoration. It is worn by males of all ages especially in rural Kyrgyzstan, and is a symbol of the nation.


  1. The patterns of diffusion of these types of hats were differentnin France and the United States. In France, each social classnused hats differently. In mid-century, the upper and middle classesnwore top hats; in the last quarter of the century, they wore thentop hat for formal occasions and the bowler for business and lessnformal occasions. By the end of the century, they were still wearingnthe top hat and the bowler, along with felt hats and, in summer,nstraw hats, straw boaters, and panamas (Delpierre 1990).

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