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Instead of just writing about my wonderful four days in Istanbul, I’ve decided to make a small picture gallery of food and cafes in the city.

Lachmacun (Turkish Pizza)

Stuffed potato with olives, olive paste, butter, cheese, corn, carrots, pickled cabbage, etc in Ortaköy with a view of the setting sun over the Bosphorus.

Turkish stuffed potato.

Stuffed potato close up.

Cheese at the Spice Bazaar in Istanbul.

Olives at Istanbul Spice Bazaar.

Pierre Loti cafe interior. Great view of the Golden Horn.

Charcoal stove for coffee and tea at Pierre Loti cafe on the Golden Horn.

Baklava and other sweets like Turkish delight.

Balkava and Turkish delight galore!

Fresh pomegranate juice by the Hagia Sophia

Pomegranate juice by the Hagia Sofia, Istanbul, Turkey.

I am not waiting 11 years, like last time, to return to this great city!


  • Fasulye

    The Turkish pizza is called “Lahmacun” . Selamlar,u00a0 Fasulye

    • Anonymous

      u00a0Thanks for the correction. I changed the spelling.