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Prevenir el uso del Spanglish, Preventing Spanglish

Aquí, hablo con los presentadores del programa matutino, "Tu Desayuno Alegre" de cómo prevenir el uso del Spanglish (la mezla de español y inglés). El riesgo que los niños corren en mezclar ambos idiomas...
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Article about “El Idioma es música” printed in over 10 countries

The EFE America news service published the article, Expertos en idiomas destacan la importancia de aprender español con música, about my book, El Idioma es música. It was re-published in over 10 Spanish speaking countries...
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Language debate: Why speak English in Miami? Porqué hablar inglés in Miami?

I don't see this as a black or white issue. One CAN speak in their native tongue at home and outside of their home AND still learn and speak their target language. Take Montreal for example. People there are mostly totally bilingual.
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How To Use Your Spanish To Learn Portuguese

This is a short and informative blog post on how to learn Portuguese if you already know Spanish. Written by Jared Romey: How To Use Your Spanish To Learn Portuguese I agree with Jared's approach as...

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