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Wheelbarrow to the hospital: Falling in Fes, Morocco

I wondered how people living in car-free zones in old cities such as the Alfama in Lisbon, Portugal or any of the medinas (old cobblestone cities) in Morocco, moved around when they couldn’t walk. I didn’t plan on finding this out through personal experience! But life had other plans...
Travel Reviews Morocco

Picture essay: Clothing, languages, foods of Morocco

Rather than describe the many beauties of Morocco, I'll show photos.
sights in Lisbon

Lisbon: Sights, Language and Communist Signs

Being in Portugal isn't only about the language. Sights and sounds of Lisbon

Alphabet politics: Change your alphabet, alienate people

Last year, I reported on how the problems resulting from the Azeri language of Azerbaijan being written in Latin script instead of Cyrillic letters. In Azerbaijan, the elderly who haven’t caught on to the...

Turkish delights: Food in Istanbul

Instead of just writing about my wonderful four days in Istanbul, I've decided to make a small picture gallery of food and cafes in the city.   I am not waiting 11 years, like last time,...

Brazil: A Failing State

Rio de Janeiro took my breath away at first sight because of its beauty. Now the entire country may be choking because of government mismanagement, corruption and the drought.
New Zealand

The art of the staycation

I’d never heard the word staycation until this year. Journalists send out queries to travel writers asking about how to write tips on staycations. While waiting for the bus to La Guardia airport in Queens,...

5 ways to save on airline tickets

Travel Happy, Budget Low was quoted in this Bankrate article on saving money on airfare. As airlines tack on more fees, saving money on airline tickets may appear to be a mere wish. But even...

Wearing Kyrgyz national dress and kalpak hat

Going Kyrgyz in a Kyrgyz dance costume at a costume ball in Alameda, California.     Wearing the Kyrgyz kaplak hat. The Kalpak is a hat usually made from four panels of white felt with traditional patterns...
how to learn Turkish

(Linguistic) ignorance is bliss, sometimes

Yes, I do enjoy linguistic ignorance from time to time. I met with a Turkish Couchsurfer when I was in Istanbul who generously spent two days showing me the city via the Bosphorous ferry...

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