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A few weeks ago, Steve Kaufmann and I had a conversation/debate on his podcast about when a student should start speaking a foreign language. I appreciated talking about language learning with Steve because we have different points of view, but we’re both passionate language learners. Steve speaks 11 languages and has founded the online language program, LingQ. I prefer to listen for a few weeks before speaking to get the rhythm of the language and Steve may listen and read for six months before speaking. It’s not often that I get to debate with someone who is well versed in language learning and who knows what they are talking about. In the end each learner will chose for him or herself what works best for them. My point of advice is to feel OK to make mistakes and speak like Tarzan.

  • There is a saying “Tastes differ” and so as for language learning everybody needs its own pace and for some people listening is more important, while for others – speaking it’s easier since the very beginning. n