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Not having a language teacher nearby is not excuse for not learning a language. Finding a language tutor or language exchange partner online can be even cheaper than taking a formal class. Let’s say you live in Omaha, Nebraska and you want to learn Spanish. You can pay a Spanish teacher in Mexico via PayPal or another Internet payment system $5/hour, while a tutor in the US may cost you $20-40/hour.

Here’s an article from the New York Times with more information:

Learning a Language From an Expert, on the Web

  • RankoPetrovic1977

    As a Spanish teacher, myself, I am pleased to see that there are many sites helping raise awareness of the importance of bilingualism in the United States! u00a0By the year 2030, English will be the SECOND most commonly used language in the U.S.A. u00a0I started my children on a program to introduce foreign languages at the age of three. u00a0Both are now fluent in Spanish and Italian. u00a0Everybody knows Rosetta Stone, but for the younger generations, I like u00a0My family and I have never been more entertained while being introduced to a plethora of languages!u00a0

    • Anonymous

      I am familiar with David Burke of Slangman. I didn’t know he had a new product, *Hey Wordy*. Thanks for sharing this. I will look at Burke’s new site.