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(This is an excerpt from my guest post on Radical Parenting about how parents can open up their kids’ eyes to the world.)

Let’s face it, there’s a disconnect between classroom foreign language classes and the beauty of being multilingual and the real-world demands for language knowledge. Memorizing verb conjugation charts can take the spice out of any language, no matter how enthusiastic one is from the onset.

Given the already paltry foreign language offerings in schools and the education budget cuts in the US, UK and other countries, the responsibility is on you, the parent, to educate your child about the world. Don’t wait for the schools to do it. If my parents hadn’t taught my sister and I geography, I’d be at pains to find my native country of Russia (the largest one in the world) on the map. Depressing, but true. The US school system fails in teaching students geography, world history and languages.

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