Alas, my TEDx talk on why we need to learn foreign languages and save endangered languages via music has been posted online. Please share, Tweet, like and comment to spread the word. The more views the video has, the more chances of it being on the main TED page. Now getting this featured on the main TED page would do wonders for promoting foreign language learning.


  1. You’re a true inspiration, Susanna. I was looking forward to this TEDx talk because I’ve been following your language learning journey and I love your approach to languages. I must say, I’m not disappointed at all. This video shows exactly how passionate you really are about this topic. Great speech! Bravissima! 🙂

  2. That’s just gold!
    I remember learning English, few years ago, through music.
    I sang, translated, repeated, and learned so many word by that process.

    It teaches you another level of comprehension in languages, as they usually involve a whole bunch of parables and figurative concepts that you get right away into the mentality of the culture.

  3. Thank you, Susanna! I’m an English teacher from Belarus. I love your methods of learning foreign languages. Sometimes I use your videos to motivate my students to learn English and to save Belarusian, which is now endangered.

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