Do you want to know what the Brazilian Portuguese words “nossa”, “balada”, “pegar”, and “galera” mean?

Do you want to distinguish the words “mas” and “mais” and not confuse them?

You can learn those lessons in the latest music video that Luciana Lage of Street Smart Brazil and I made using the super popular Brazilian pop song, Ai, Se Eu Te Pego! by Michel Teló. We explain the meaning of the song, the words that confuse Spanish speakers and some Brazilian idioms.

The song is all over Spanish language radio in the US and is a major hit worldwide.

Follow along with the lyrics of the song.


  1. This is a great video, the song however is a bit controversial among some of my Brazilian friends and others, they think it’s machista/sexist because of that line “ai se eu te pego” but this song is easy to sing along to and so far is the only song I know how to sing almost entirely in portuguese, I’m trying to learn other songs. I’m currently doing Eu te amo by Marisa Monte.
    Speaking of the words though, he says “assim voce me mata” not “ai voce me mata” at least not in this version…
    I learned this one while teaching English abroad in Santiago de Compostela,’s a hit over there!
    Either way, this is a great idea…I did this with Spanish back in high school and I’m just now applying it to my other language studies. I’m hoping to soon be fluent in 7 languages like you, I have Spanish and English, I’m coming close next with Italian and Portuguese, then French, Arabic and Chinese. I also want to learn Amharic, Swahili and Tagalog. I have so many languages I’d love to learn!!

    • Camila, Yes this is not a sophisticated Brazilian song but we chose it because it is so popular. Keep going with your languages!


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