David Mansaray and Claude Cartaginese are doing a The Polyglot Project Podcast with interviews of language learners. It was an honor to talk to them about how I learned languages. I clarified how I used media to learn languages and how I learn to pronounce well by taking on the music of other languages.


Claude Cartigenese of the “Polyglot Project” compiled a huge 600 page document with stories from many language learners around the world who explain how they became polyglots. Some of the linguists in the book include, Moses McCormick, Benny Lewis and Steve Kaufmann.

The “Polyglot Project” received great feedback, and as a result was downloaded several thousand times. There is a hard copy of the book. The book is also available free as a PDF.



  1. Me encanto mirarte en el programa al despertar, que bonito hablas espau00f1ol y yo quiero aprender bien el Inglu00e9s, sin mucho acento gracias mi nombre es Margarita Tamayo.

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