Do you want to learn Spanish, English or Japanese using songs but you are too lazy to ind the translation in English, lyrics in Spanish and chord notations?

It can be time consuming to dig for good translations and the proper lyrics.

Now, you have no excuse because someone has already done the work for you for eight songs.

Javier Rojas, a Colombian living in Japan, sent me his music videos on You Tube where he sings in Spanish and Japanese and provides the translations of the songs in English and original wording in Spanish and Japanese. (AprendiendoConMusica is his You Tube channel.) For those who can play the guitar, he also gives the chords. For the English translation in closed captions, click the red CC button on the bottom right of the You Tube screen.

Since I have been known to sing part of “Bésame Mucho” in my TV interviews, I am posting Javier’s video of the famous love song:

Most of Javier’s songs are in Spanish. He has one in Japanese and Spanish and some in English and Spanish. For now, there are just eight songs on his site. Perhaps if more people see his videos and like them, the Colombian guitarist will be enticed to load more…