Watch “Saved by Language” for free!

  **** Press the CC button & the Settings/HD button (next to the CC button) to choose English, Bosnian/Serbo-Croatian, Ladino (Djudeo-Espanyol), Portuguese, Spanish, French or Bulgarian subtitles. Ladino is listed as "Spanish (Spain)". Spanish subtitles...

CNN interview: Why maintain an ancestral language like Ladino

Susanna Zaraysky habla con Mercedes Soler en el program de NotiMujer en la CNN en Español sobre el idioma ladino (el antiguo español de los judíos explusados de España durante la Inquisición católica en...

Watch “Saved by Language” and other Judeo-Spanish documentaries for free!

The producers of the documentary Saved by Language are organizing a Judeo-Spanish Language Week online festival. Four recent films and one new audio project about the endangered language of Judeo-Spanish (Ladino) will be available for free from February 21 to February 26 at:
how to learn a new language fast

FREE: San Francisco & Berkeley presentations and screenings of “Saved by Language”

FREE: San Francisco & Berkeley presentations and screenings of "Saved by Language"
how to learn a new language fast

Learn Spanish and Portuguese via Roberto Carlos’ song “Amigo”

Luciana Lage of Street Smart Brazil and I teamed up once again to show the differences between Spanish and Portuguese in the song, "Amigo" by Roberto Carlos. Read the blog post on the Street...

Evitar el Spanglish utilizando canciones y los medios, “Al Despertar”, 1ra entrevista

Entrevista en el programa matutino de Univision San Francisco (KDTV) con la autora del libro, El Idioma es Música" acerca de los temas de como hablar inglés y español sin mezlcarles en...

Ladino: The “other” Spanish, is dying but saved a life

Version en español. With over 20 official Spanish speaking countries, few people know of another Spanish language: Ladino. The language is also known as judeo-español, Djudeo-Espanyol, Djudeo-Kasteyano, Judezmo, Djudezmo, Spaniolit, and גודיאו-איספאנייול‎‎. No, it’s not...
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Video: How music can save a language like Ladino

Susanna Zaraysky, autora del libro, El Idioma es Música, habla con Fabiola Kramsky del idioma ladino (de los judíos sefardíes expulsados de España durante la Inquisición) y cómo se conserva hoy en día con...
how to learn a new language fast

Language debate: Why speak English in Miami? Porqué hablar inglés in Miami?

I don't see this as a black or white issue. One CAN speak in their native tongue at home and outside of their home AND still learn and speak their target language. Take Montreal for example. People there are mostly totally bilingual.

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