Luca Spaghetti (from Eat, Pray, Love) learned English with American pop songs

The worldwide bestseller, Eat, Pray, Love, turned the already comical surname of Luca Spaghetti into an almost household name. Luca Spaghetti In the USA Today article, When (Luca) Spaghetti met (Elizabeth) Gilbert ..., reported that Mr....
how to learn a foreign language

Foreign language skills = $. How to motivate English speakers to learn languages

Why is the UK losing 11 to 26 billion dollars a year? Nick Chambers explains that there aren't enough foreign language speakers to service export markets. Susanna Zaraysky answers why English speakers are not good...

My new book in Italian: La lingua è musica

I just published La lingua è musica, the ebook version of my book on learning languages using music, TV, radio, etc, in Italian. Free during Covid-19 pandemic I am offering the book for free during the...
how to learn a foreign language

The importance of female role models for female language learners

Last week, for International Women’s Day, I wrote a blog post, How we all benefit when women are multilingual about the scarcity of female language bloggers and You Tube polyglots on the Fluent in...
deaf and hard of hearing communication

How to communicate if you’re deaf or hard-of-hearing (DHH)

I am curious about how deaf people in the US communicate. Anywhere from 37 to 140 out of every 1,000 people in the United States have some kind of hearing loss. Either you or someone you know needs or will need assistive hearing devices.
how to learn a foreign language

Need an alarm clock to remember who you are? Music awakens our brains, “Music...

As I’ve written before, I wouldn’t have realized that there's a link between learning languages and music if it weren’t for Dr. Oliver Sacks. Dr. Sacks’ books,(Musicophilia, The Mind’s Eye, etc.) have shown me and...

Even spies need to read my book!

Having just read this article written by Nikita Khrushchev's great grand-daughter about how one of the Russian spies couldn't hide his Russian accent makes me both laugh and wonder why the Russian government spent...
Paul Sulzberger

Listen first, learn later! Research proves my thoughts

Article: New study may revolutionize language learning The teaching of languages could be revolutionised following ground-breaking research by Victoria University, New Zealand, PhD graduate Paul Sulzberger. Dr Sulzberger has found that the best way to...
music and language

Music can bridge the income gap in education

Music can help people bounce back after a stroke or brain trauma. It can also narrow the achievement gap between poor and rich kids.

Ode to imperfection: why trying to be perfect is counter-productive to language learning

A couple weeks ago, I got some criticism for my imperfect Russian in a Russian-language Facebook forum that had linked to my Russian language video about using music and media to learn languages. Here's my...

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