Mental health problems

How to identify depression and find help

I am writing to convince you why it’s important to talk to people who are close to you about their mental health issues. If you don’t want to do it because it makes you...
Gellert bath house

Learning Hungarian via Italian opera, neo-Nazis and a phone sex line

Living in Budapest, Magyarország (Hungary) made me think in different ways in order to express myself in Hungarian, see the modern incarnations of a dark chapter of European history and hatred and fend off...

I was a child refugee. Don’t send back the migrant ships!

After long last, I am making videos again. Below you have a video in Italian and a blog post in English and link to the original Italian article I wrote. VIDEO: I made this video "I...
woman's mouth with $20 bill

Putting my money where my mouth is

I was born in a Communist country where you couldn’t speak freely. If you opposed the government, you would go to jail or you’d go to a gulag (prison camp) and may never return,...

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