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Значительное количество людей или не может видеть обоими глазами, или испытывает трудности при одновременном использовании обоих глаз, но этот вопрос слабо изучен.

binocular vision problems

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I have recently released a series of videos in English, Spanish, Russian, French, Portuguese, and Italian about a topic that is not only dear to my heart, but one of importance to global public health: binocular vision problems (what it’s like to see when the two eyes don’t work together.). As there is a very little information available in languages other than English about this topic, I decided to record videos in six languages. Medical information needs to be accessible to people worldwide, no matter their language.

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In this CBS television interview in San Francisco, I speak about “One-Eyed Princess” my new book about vision therapy, being cross-eyed and what is like to see in 2D in a 3D world. I was born cross-eyed, and even after two operations to cosmetically straighten my eyes, my eyes are not straight. As a result, my brain doesn’t fuse the images from both eyes to create a 3D image. I don’t see in 3D. I see flat.