I read The Suzuki Method He Imported Keyed a Music Revolution article from the Wall Street Journal about how music learning changed in the US once John Kendall brought the Japanese Suzuki method to the US in the 1950s. The method focusing on playing music based on listening and not on reading notes. It’s strange to me that something that seems so natural was considered to be quite revolutionary when it was brought to the US. Well, it shouldn’t be so surprising since my “natural” approach to learning a foreign language based on listening to music and the media is also not so easily accepted by traditional language teachers.

music and the brain
Music and the brain

The article states, “Key to the Suzuki method was the insight that children can learn music as they do language—by listening and trying to repeat what they hear, with lots of parental encouragement.”

Now, I am telling people to do the same thing when it comes to language learning!

The article also brings up the point of how the Suzuki method taught people music even if they thought they didn’t have talent. “It was once thought that you had to have innate talent to play the violin,” said Pam Brasch, executive director of the association. “John used Suzuki’s ideas to change music training in general.”

I don’t think you have to have a linguistic talent to learn languages. You just have to do it!


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