That’s right. Seventeen Internet polyglots came together, under the tireless direction of Benny Lewis of Fluent in Three Months, to create the first ever polyglot music video. There are over 30 languages in this video doing a remake of the song, Call me Maybe.

I helped Benny create the script and contact various polyglots. Benny took a lot of time to organize this incredible video and edit it so well. I am impressed by his work and dedication to showing how fun it is to speak various languages! He made this video to promote the Polyglot Conference to be held in Budapest in May 2013.

As I love to wear my various costumes, I sported my Mexican sombrero and then sweated while recording the Russian section of the video wearing my Russian attire made for Siberian chills. My “Dr. Zhivago” wool coat and Russian fur hat with a Soviet army pin are way too hot for a mild California autumn day.

Here is the video!


  1. Nice! MTV should promote it very soon!! I mean, what a great idea to make a song like this. Wow! It’s been like 100 times that I watched it. This deserves a nomination, I think! It’s so great!! Definitely, loved it!! I even have it on my iPod, lol. I’m glad you participated, Sussanna. Nice job! Cheers! J

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