Last week, I did a guest post on Polyglot Dream (Luca Lampariello’s popular language learning blog about how to learn languages and attain native-like pronunciation. I internalize the foreign languages that I learn to the point where I physically and emotionally resonate with them.

I made a playlist of videos in English, Russian, French, Spanish, Portuguese and Italian with English translation where I explain how I feel when I speak in each language. You have to feel a language and resonate with it in order for you to truly get into the flow of the language.

(Press the CC button in the lower right corner for English subtitles.)


    • No, Esperanto has never interested me. I want to travel to places where the language is spoken, immerse myself in its media and culture, absorb the sights and sounds of the places where the language is spoken, not just meet up with others who speak the language. Esperanto, as it lacks a country, or even a diaspora, doesn’t attract me at all.

  1. You are my inspiration! I yearn to be a polyglot but as of now I am only semi bilingual. I told my parents next summer I wanted to go to Costa Rica to learn Spanish, and lets just say they gave me no support. However I will be eighteen and they underestimate my determination for languages, which started the first time i heard Spanish. It’s so crazy every time i tell people I want to learn and be fluent in Spanish, Portuguese, French, Italian, Arabic, Chinese, and Japanese, I get either; Why?, eww for what?, do you want to want to work for the UN?, do you want to be a translator,etc. And I say NOOO ! I want to be a polyglot because I like languages and nobody knew what it meant (except my latin teacher). Sorry I am rambling so I will wrap this up. Thank you for this, this keeps me from doubting my capability to become a polyglot. And can you tell me when you learned each language, how long it took, and what are your tips for learning them, at least the one you know and i want to learn.

    • I am glad that these videos inspire you. For many years, I didn’t know what to do with my language abilities as I hated interpreting and translating. The ability to communicate with a myriad of people adds a richness to your life that no material wealth can even bring you. In this video ( ), I explain how I learn my languages by listening to them like music. It’s all in the listening. 

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