Arabic Sesame Street
Sesame Street in Arabic (Palestinian)

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Sesame Street

There are three Arabic versions of Sesame Street, the Egyptian, Palestinian and Jordanian ones. Not many of their videos are available online for free. Below are links to a video for each version. You can do a search with the name in Arabic script or its phonetic equivalent in Latin letters.

I can’t find any materials to go along with it for foreigners using Sesame Street to learn Arabic (subtitles, glossaries, explanations of content, etc). If you know of supplemental materials in English for Sesame Street, please post them in the comments section. Shukran!

1. Alam Simsim,عالم سمسم is the Egyptian Sesame Street.

Palestinian Sesame Street, Shara’a Simsim:

Jordanian Sesame Street: Hikayat Simsim مقاطع من حكايات سمسم

Arabic with Sindibad

There are English subtitles and a transcript, but the subtitles are only at the beginning. So you have to read the transcript to get the rest.

News Videos

Al Jazeera, the BBC, France 24 and Russia Today have broadcasts in both English and Arabic. Some of the same reports are in both languages. However, if you can’t read Arabic, it’s hard to figure out which video are the same in both English and Arabic. You can try to guess by matching video images that look similar. Unfortunately, I haven’t found a site with both the English and Arabic video side by side.

Russia Today:

Al Jazeera: Al Jazeera English Al Jazeera Arabic

BBC: BBC Arabic BBC English

France 24:

Language exchange:

There are many websites online where you can do free languages exchange over Skype. You help the other person with your language and that person helps you in their’s. Look for an Arabic language exchange.

Low-cost resources to learn Arabic

Arabic tutors online

They average around $15/hour. If you type “online Arabic tutors” you’ll see a whole list of them. I can’t vouch for any as I haven’t tried them. 
Here are some places to look:

Arabic learning podcast:
Arabic Pod:

Textbook to learn Arabic

Al Kitaab book and website:

Online resource to accompany Al Kitaab

Lingua Step, free trial


  1. Great! Thanks a lot for your explanation about Rosetta Stone on YouTube. It dissuades me from buying it. How can one learn Arabic with pictures that are not related to this culture. You d I’d a great job! Shukran.

    • Afwan. Indeed, Rosetta Stone’s pedagogical logic of showing me pictures of geishas while I am trying to learn Arabic with no photos of the Arab world evades me completely.

  2. Here is another seemingly inexpensive course. Haven’t tired it so I cannot speak to its quality.

    Also your review of RS was dead on !!! I purchased their Russian Course and live here in a Russian speaking country. It doesn’t even get you to the ability to speak to a 4 year old child…embarrassing. I have learned more from native speakers tolerance of my attempts to speak to them. RS is a total, complete waste of money.

  3. Could you please add my book for beginners to the list? It is called “Bite-Size Arabic: Learn to Read and Write Arabic Using the Tiniest Bit of Vocabulary and Grammar”. It is better tailored to self-instruction than “Al-kitaab”, is cheaper, and has a free website and free downloadable writing workbook.

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