Music = learning languages and staying in school

Another TV interview about the awesome power of music! Songs, TV and other media help us learn foreign languages. Hip-hop music can keep at-risk kids in school and out of trouble. Susanna Zaraysky and Anthony Pineda...
music and the brain

Suzuki method: similar to language learning

I read The Suzuki Method He Imported Keyed a Music Revolution article from the Wall Street Journal about how music learning changed in the US once John Kendall brought the Japanese Suzuki method to...
english as a second language

How to raise kids in a different country and maintain two languages

In this video interview, Aaron Myers, an expat from the US who has been raising two children in Istanbul for over four years gives advice about how to raise kids in a different country...
Georgetown University

How memory helps you learn language

However, when we are learning our second language, we rely more on declarative memory to learn grammar rules and structure rather than only by procedural memory. (In my words, we are like parrots than copy when we hear native speakers say.) This doesn’t mean that we can learn a language well without learning grammar and structure, but it shows that listening and repeating serve a real purpose in how we can learn the syntax and structure of a language. Listening to and repeating song lyrics CAN help us learn grammar!
elite school

Not learning languages reduced job prospects

The Telegraph article, Foreign languages are 'elitist' subjects, came out earlier this year in the UK showing that state jobs require foreign language knowledge while fewer school offer language classes. This means that more people...

Le mistral gagnant: Rediscovering my inner Francophile in India and Quebec

  One missing digit    One missing digit (not a finger!) almost kept me from going to India. En route to Chennai (Madras), I had a rude awakening at the Frankfurt airport: my passport number in my...
Group of young students studying

Older Students Learn Fake Language Rules Faster. What about real languages?

Although I agree with the premise of the research findings that adults can learn languages, and perhaps even faster than children, I don't like the way language acquisition is measured by creating an artificial...
learn Portuguese

Learn Portuguese: The joy of just “being” in Portuguese and not speaking

(Photo is of Lisbon, Portugal.) Feeling like I am in Portugal without leaving the United States I ventured into the Little Portugal area of San Jose, California, where the local immigrant population from the Azores islands...
english as a second language

Ai, Se Eu Te Pego! Learn a catchy Brazilian song, learn Brazilian Portuguese

Do you want to know what the Brazilian Portuguese words "nossa", "balada", "pegar", and "galera" mean? Do you want to distinguish the words "mas" and "mais" and not confuse them? You can learn those lessons in...

Luca Spaghetti (from Eat, Pray, Love) learned English with American pop songs

The worldwide bestseller, Eat, Pray, Love, turned the already comical surname of Luca Spaghetti into an almost household name. Luca Spaghetti In the USA Today article, When (Luca) Spaghetti met (Elizabeth) Gilbert ..., reported that Mr....

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