Thank you note: Inspired to use music to teach English in Germany

This is a thank you note that I received from a university student who invited me to give a presentation on language learning using music and the media at Illinois College in October 2016....
Spanish cow

Don’t speak like your neighbor’s cow, Why a good accent is important

The French, who are very proud of and particular about the pronunciation and proper use of their language, have a saying about people who speak French poorly and/or with a bad accent: “parler français...

Singing to the subjunctive

Studying grammar is a good way to get one’s mind off of the Covid-19 pandemic. Susanna, do you seriously have nothing better to do? There are more entertaining things to do like watch movies on Netflix...
Susanna Zaraysky in scrubs in front of painting of the brain

Is a polyglot’s brain different?

Listen to this new Subtitle podcast episode "Is a polyglot's brain different?",  to find out the answer. You'll also learn about my language-learning story and about the brains of people who speak many languages. I did...
books in laptop screen

Free ebooks until May 31, 2020

  Bored at home under lockdown and looking to learn a language? Download the ebook versions of Language is Music for free in English, Spanish and Portuguese using the code "AG100". (Until 31 May 2020) Do...

My new book in Italian: La lingua è musica

I just published La lingua è musica, the ebook version of my book on learning languages using music, TV, radio, etc, in Italian. Free during Covid-19 pandemic I am offering the book for free during the...

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