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Learn Portuguese with Brazilian songs

I am not the only one singing the praises of Brazilian music as a way to learn Portuguese! On September 29, 2011, I attended an event of the San Francisco Brazilian Portuguese MeetUp and asked...
10 Reasons Why African Americans NEED To Learn A Second Language

The Language of Race and Gender

By Umar Alim Al-Junaid One of the hardest things to be is an American citizen who speaks other languages, but being an African- American who speaks several languages has its own unique set of issues....
learning a foreign language

Polyglots discuss learning languages with music, TV and films

Last month, I was in Poland and was thrilled to speak in various languages with Richard Simcott and Luca Lampariello. We recorded various videos about language learning. There are more videos in other languages to...

Music and Mandarin

Melody and rhythm are important to learning a tonal language like Mandarin, but learning a tonal language through music is not the same as learning a non-tonal language like French.

At what price, monolingualism?

Fortunately, a scant few of us will ever be in a life or death situation requiring foreign language knowledge. However, Canetti’s example is not the only example of how a multilingual person in the Balkans used a language to save a life. I’m co-producing the documentary, Saved by Language, with Bryan Kirschen about how Moris Albahari saved his life in the Holocaust by speaking in Ladino (Judeo-Spanish) to an Italian Colonel and a US pilot.

Computer programs replace foreign language teachers in N.J. classrooms after budget cuts

For parents whose childrens' schools have cut foreign language education, it's imperative to use foreign language music, movies, TV and radio at home to keep their kids learning. A software program WON'T be enough. See...

Foreign Language Courses, Brushing Up or Immersion

The New York Times reports in the article, Foreign Language Courses, Brushing Up or Immersion, that foreign language classes are in demand. People are looking for inexpensive ways to learn or brush up on languages while...
how to learn a new language fast

I can learn language with music and TV? Really? CBS interview with Susanna Zaraysky

Language is Music? What? Watch this interview on CBS 5 Bay Sunday (San Francisco) about the book, Language is Music, with book author, Susanna Zaraysky who explains how to learn foreign languages with music and the...

Why you should care about endangered languages

Endangered species. Endangered whales. Endangered languages? What's an endangered language? About half of the world's 6000 languages will be extinct in 100 years unless we act to preserve them. In this video, I explain why you should...
learning a foreign language

Three polyglots meet in Poland

Do polyglots just talk about language learning? If we did, we'd probably bore each other very quickly! I had the pleasure of meeting Richard Simcott and Luca Lampariello in Poznań, Poland earlier this month. We share...

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