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Aaron Myers and I met in Istanbul, Turkey in November 2011. Aaron Meyers has created his project, I-586, to bring free language learning materials to people in languages other than English since so many language learning materials online are only available in English.

Here’s the portion of our Skype call about how he wants to help people worldwide have access to language learning materials for free. Later, I will post the sections of our call dealing with tips to learning Turkish, how to raise kids abroad and advice for “everyday” people who want to learn a new language.

  • You are both amazing. Thank you!

    • SusannaZaraysky

      Thanks! Since we know how important languages are and how much money people erroneously spend to learn them, we want to make it possible for more people to learn a new tongue with little or no money. 

      • In your and my opinion languages are important but most of my friends don’t have common beliefs. I’m from Poland, most of the older generation speak Russian or German, youngsters claim to speak English on a higher lever, but it’s only their belief. How to convince people to learn foreign languages?