The Whistleblower film

Could speaking English empower female sex trafficking victims to escape?

I rarely talk about the practical life-saving applications of speaking another language. But the topics of female sex trafficking and bride kidnapping make me wonder about how speaking another language, particularly English, could liberate...

Covid no es una broma (Español/Spanish)

Detrás de cada estadística de muerte o hospitalización de Covid, hay muchas personas como yo, que son familiares, amigos, colegas o vecinos de alguien que está hospitalizado con Covid. Aquellos que no pudieron estar...
Gellert bath house

Learning Hungarian via Italian opera, neo-Nazis and a phone sex line

Living in Budapest, Magyarország (Hungary) made me think in different ways in order to express myself in Hungarian, see the modern incarnations of a dark chapter of European history and hatred and fend off...

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