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As I’ve written before, I wouldn’t have realized that there’s a link between learning languages and music if it weren’t for Dr. Oliver Sacks.

Dr. Sacks’ books,(Musicophilia, The Mind’s Eye, etc.) have shown me and many others the possibility for the human brain to adapt, change and be elastic. If it weren’t for his beautiful storytelling about how powerful the brain is to rewire itself, I would not have written my book on how to use music to learn foreign languages, Language is Music.

I highly recommend the movie, “The Music Never Stopped“. It’s based on Dr. Sacks’ essay “The Last Hippe” about a man who suffers severe brain damage that blocks his memory of the past 20 years. He is re-awakened to who he was by the music of his youth, The Grateful Dead, Crosby Stills and Nash and others. Doctors were stunned that music could revive him to his former self.

Music doesn’t only help us learn, it helps us remember who’ve always been!

Here’s a clip: