Ladino saved my life in the war

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At long last, I am posting the demo to Saved by Language, the documentary I’m co-producing about how the Ladino (Judeo-Spanish) language saved a boy’s life in Bosnia in World War II. Ladino is considered to be an endangered language. For those who want to make a tax-deductible donation to help with editing and post-production… Read more »

MTV, here we come! 17 polyglots redo “Call me Maybe” in 30+ languages

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That’s right. Seventeen Internet polyglots came together, under the tireless direction of Benny Lewis of Fluent in Three Months, to create the first ever polyglot music video. There are over 30 languages in this video doing a remake of the song, Call me Maybe. I helped Benny create the script and contact various polyglots. Benny… Read more »

Language confusion: 3 funny polyglots explain how to avoid mixing up your languages

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If you thought that polyglots are just serious language lovers who spend all their time talking about grammar, you are wrong! I spent three fun-filled days in Poland with Richard Simcott and Luca Lampariello switching languages and making some videos about language learning. We spent most of the three days laughing and enjoying Poland. The… Read more »

Learn Portuguese and Brazilian history with samba, “Apesar de você”

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Luciana Lage and I are back with a new lesson in learning Portuguese with Brazilian music. This time we’re examining the serious subject of the Brazilian dictatorship through the song, Apesar de você, by Chico Buarque. Luciana has prepared a blog post, “Learn Brazilian Portuguese with Songs – Apesar de Você” with the lyrics of… Read more »

Free and inexpensive resources to learn Arabic

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Free online resources to learn the Arabic alphabet, phrases and other BBC Arabic: Arabic alphabet: List of Arabic learning resources: Explanations of songs, dialects and other resources for students of Arabic,  The Arabic Student, Arabic music with English translation and transliteration: Resources to learn Arabic for free 
Videos: Sesame… Read more »

Where are the female and non-white polyglots?

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Most of the public Internet polyglots are white males. Do race and national origin play a role in the decisions people make about learning languages? What can we do to inspire more non-whites to learn foreign languages? Back in March 2012, I recorded a Skype call with Fasulye and Jana Fadness to encourage more women… Read more »