Improving my Portuguese, one (lost) calorie at a time

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We’ve probably heard of people improving their conversation skills in a language over a meal. I’m reversing the trend. Portuguese vocabulary goes up and the inches melt away. (Let me be ambitious and count in inches which are longer than centimeters!) When I say “reading Brazilian books on a bike to improve my Portuguese”, is… Read more »

Vote for a language education start-up to get a $100,000 grant

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By Tyler Ulrich (guest blogger) Language education is competing against other industries for $100,000 The Loogla language and literacy project may be awarded $100,000 in a grant competition. Watch the video and spread the word! No logins, age or national restictions to vote. Please support language education through voting and sharing this video. About… Read more »

Why you should care about endangered languages

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Endangered species. Endangered whales. Endangered languages? What’s an endangered language? About half of the world’s 6000 languages will be extinct in 100 years unless we act to preserve them. In this video, I explain why you should care about languages, how linguistic diversity enriches your life and brain health and what we can do to… Read more »

What Facebook executive’s new book tells about women, success & foreign languages

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Sheryl Sandberg, cover of Time Magazine The TIME Magazine “Confidence Woman” cover story on Sheryl Sandberg, the Chief Operating Officer of Facebook, and her new book, Lean In, about women, success and careers made me very angry.  The article reinforced what I was already suspecting was the explanation for why we don’t see more female… Read more »

Russia through French eyes: Experiencing life anew in a different language

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Russian through French

Rare is the book which envelops my attention, delights me in its prose, makes me re-read passages both for the joy of the flow of the sentences and for the content and strikes a chord with me personally. Le testament français (UK edition)/Dreams of my Russian Summers (US edition) not only had all of the… Read more »